We are in a close partnership with our leading suppliers. Don’t hesitate to get in contact, we are happy to help.

  • BioConcept Ltd.

    Cell Culture products

  • CST Cell Signaling Technology Inc.

    Validated antibodies, kits and services

  • New England Biolabs Inc.

    The molecular biology company

  • Acovos AG

    High quality, well-characterized human tissue samples

  • Cedarlane Laboratories Ltd.

    Immunology reagents, antibodies, antisera and ELISA kits

  • CYCLERtest BV

    Thermocycler validation service

  • EugeneX Biotechnologies GmbH

    Eucaryotic Gene Expression - Serumfree, Safe, Sophisticated

  • EXCEL Scientific, Inc.

    Microplate Sealing Films & Foils

  • Hycult Biotechnology B.V.

    Antibodies and assays for innate immunity, inflammation and cell damage

  • Hangzhou Bioer Technology Co., Ltd.

    PCR and qPCR instruments and Molecular Biology reagents and kits

  • Labexim Products

    LED based microplate readers

  • LGC Clinical Diagnostics Inc.

    Protein detection technologies, reagents and systems

  • PeproTech EC Ltd.

    Recombinant cell culture proteins and Cytokines

  • Provitro GmbH

    Primary human cells and IHC services

  • Rockland Immunochemicals Inc.

    Primary antibodies against tags and conjugated secondary antibodies

  • Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG

    Mechanical and electronic pipettes

  • Scientific Specialties Inc.

    Plastic specialities for your laboratory

  • SouthernBiotechnology Associates Inc.

    Conjugated antibodies, isotype controls and cell culture reagents

  • Thermo Electron LED GmbH

    Microplate readers, washers and dispensers

  • TPP Techno Plastic Products AG

    Tissue culture plastics

  • Worthington Biochemical Corporation

    Tissue dissociation enzymes