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CYCLERtest is a leading manufacturer and provider of highly accurate thermocycler calibration systems and services. Through its highly accurate calibration tools CYCLERtest enables laboratories to assure its thermocyclers to perform according to specifications, in order to produce reproducible, trustworthy and technical valid PCR results. CYCLERtest is able to calibrate virtually any thermocycler, from basic PCR thermocyclers to highly advanced qPCR thermocyclers.

Learn more about Thermocycler Calibration in our CYCLERtest brochure or in the Thermocycler Calibration Guide




MTAS® : The CYCLERtest multi channel temperature acquisition system, designed for dynamic temperature performance monitoring and validation testing of thermal cyclers (available as service).





CYCLERtest also provides DRIFTCON® end user calibration systems to laboratories that perform in house calibrations. DRIFTCON  is a temperature performance and drift monitoring system for PCR thermal cyclers. It is, next to the MTAS certification, the ideal tool to serve as a periodic validation instrument for your PCR tests. It offers a convenient and easy means to check if your test is still within the determined and accepted borders.