BioConcept Care




Pipette Care

Pipette Care is BioConcept`s pipette service for servicing and calibrating all major brands including Sartorius®, Gilson®, Finnpipette®, Eppendorf®, Rainin®, Capp®, Socorex® and others. We service and calibrate all brands, all types and all volumes.

 Cycler Care


CYCLERtest: Thermal performance and validation of PCR and qPCR cyclers:

MTAS®:  On-site calibration service enables laboratories to assure its thermocyclers to perform according to specifications.

DRIFTCON®: A personal temperature drift monitoring system for thermal cyclers and instruments. DRIFTCON® is, next to the MTAS® certification, the ideal tool to serve as a periodic and continuous validation instrument for your PCR tests.

 Instrument Care

Reader, Washer, Dispenser and Stacker Calibration and Service:

We calibrate and service micro plate readers, washers, dispensers and stackers of the following brands: 

• Dynex

• Titertek-Berthold

• Thermo Scientific